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Oktoberfest is an event held every year in Antalya since 2009. It was originally held beside the Fairground opposite Migros but has since moved to the ‘Pyramid Park’, which is also fairly close to the large 5M Migros in Konyaalti. The park gets its name from the large glass pyramid conference centre which sits at the entrance to the park. You can see the corner of it below.

It used to be run by the Council but a couple of years ago a 27 year old university student carried on drinking after attending the concert and later died and this attracted unwarrented criticism, so it is now run by Turset Project Management.

Due to this incident, no doubt the company had to demonstrate they took every possible measure to prevent another death and so the level of security was a bit over the top in my opinion. It felt like going through an airport as they even had an x-ray machine for all bags.

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This year some of my friends had organised a group get together there on the Saturday night. Banu and Rob in particular met with the head of Turset (all of us pictured below) and organised free entry for members of our social group. It was on 12.5 TL entry but still, free is free!

I had been out drinking until four o’clock in the morning and not feeling up to it that much but my Scottish reputation meant I had to at least show my face. I could always bow out if I was too tired.

As it turns out, after a couple of beers I got my second wind and as I had been in Scotland for the previous 6 weeks, Ireally enjoyed meeting up with everyone again.

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Ellen on the other hand was not doing so well. I keep on telling her she should stick to one beer but she had half of the second one and was starting to sway a lot. Still, she’s a cheap date and that suits a Scotsman like myself.

I didn’t pay much attention to the bands that were playing that night because I was too busy chatting to friends and meeting new ones. Here is the programme of the bands for the three days.

After a couple more beers I did start to tire a bit though, and so after ignoring 30 minutes of ignoring Ellen’s calls for going to the soup restaurant, I eventually caved in andwe decided to leave the party before the end. Not like me at all folks. Must be getting old.

We got on a different bus from usual and that dropped us off too far to the soup restaurant so we ended up in a kebab place. We ordered an aubergine kebab to share but they came back to us and told us they didn’t have any aubergine, so we changed the order.

We were a bit surprised then when they brought us out an aubergine starter dish. They had given it to us as a free bonus as they never had enough to make the full meal, so that was a nice touch.

Saturday Photos

Here are the photos from Saturday evening which were mainly taken byOrçun Edipoğlu.

I had taken my camera but forgot the memory card in my computer, so they are stored on the internal memory and I can’t retrieve them until I goto a technology shopand get a new connecting cable as I left the original one in Scotland. Clever, eh?

Sunday Night

I discovered on Sunday afternoon that it was my friend Serap’s birthday and that there was another group of my friends going to Oktoberfest that night, so of course I had to go and say Happy Birthday. It was also a good excuse to get the wigs out and take lots of crazy pictures.

It is quite funny, when people have had a couple of drinks they turn into big children and everyone has a great laugh trying on the wigs. Serap’s young niece was there and at first she was reluctant to put them on but when she seen all the adults doing it then she relented and turned into the star of the evening……well, maybe apart from Michael, even just for this photo alone.

Mind you, Serap’s Rock faces do take some beating.

Here’s the happy family all together. No wonder the child loves her Auntie Serap. Hours of amusement from the faces she can pull.

Jim Murple Memorial

As I entered Oktoberfest on Sunday, I made my way directly to the stage to make sure I at least got some footage that night.

I was delighted to hear there was a Ska band playing so I put down my bag of wigs and starting dancing. A couple of days before I had posted ‘King of the Swingers’ on my facebook page and so had a little smile when I heard the band start playing it.

While watching the band I did actually think that I would like to maybe interview them but I had no idea how. Then fate stepped in.

My good friend Francesca told me about a photo booth I may like because they had all kinds of silly glasses and hats and even better, it was free!

Well, I would have paid at least 10 TL for a few silly photos but this was too good to be true. I spotted the booth on the way back from the toilet and met these guys, who were trying the accessories on.

Turns out they were the first band I saw and their name is Jim Murple Memorial and they come from France. So, I told them I had thought about interviewing them and they were very happy to do so…..after we went together in the photo booth first, of course.

Jim Murple Memorial Interview

Here is my interview with Jim Murple Memorial. Granted, I was a bit drunk but so were the band, so it was all good.

The singer announced on stage that his daughter had just been born in France, a couple of weeks early, just one hour before they hit the stage. He told me his daughter’s name was Elise and I told him that my son’s name was Ellis, so that meant it was time for a ‘high five’ and a photo.

Here is the bands website:


The next performer was Gökçe, a singer from Istanbul.

This is her website:

Levent Yüksel

Judging by the crowds reaction to his appearance and subsequent singalongs, Levent Yüksel is obviously a well known singer in Turkey.

He was born in Antalya and was married to Eurovision Contest Winner, Sertab Erener, between 1990-1996. His first solo album came out in 1993. I thought he was good and I really enjoyed his performance and again, I love the way Turkish people show their appreciation to the performers.

Here is Levent’s Myspace Page.

Sunday Photos

Here’s all the photos from the Sunday evening when I did remember my memory card. As you can see lots of good fun was had and we even listened to the music and had a bit of a dance that night as well.

Round Up

Rob won the prize for best accessory brought to the event and of course I had to steal them for a quick photo.

So all in all it was another great year at Antalya Oktoberfest. Hope to see you there for some more of the same next year.

In the meantime, Ska On!


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