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So as I talked about in the Antalya Harbour and International Women’s Day Blogs, the reason I came to Antalya this day was to collect my phone charger which I had left in the Bar after this weeks quiz.

I arrived at the Bar at about 4.15pm and at 6pm some workers started to turn up but none of them had a key. Then a lady who doesn’t work for the bar appeared with a key to the restaurant. She must have one for an emergency or something.

So we had access to the Restaurant but not the Bar, so as I was in the mood for taking photos I rattled of a few while in the eating area.

Here’s an old football strip of the local Team Antalyaspor with the date they were formed, which of course no Scotsman wants to be reminded of as it was also the year England won the World Cup, thanks to the Russsian linesman. 😉

Antalya King Bar Restuarant (2)

Being so close to Antalya Harbour it makes sense to have a few boat paintings in the bar. Here is my favourite.

Antalya King Bar Restuarant (4)

The most interesting item I found in there was this wooden drinking flask with a Double Headed Eagle on it. The symbol has been used by many cultures throughout the ages and the Turkish name for it is Hamca. It signified the Byzantine Influence over East and West but cylinders with it’s inscription were found in Hittie area, which is a part of modern day Turkey.

Antalya King Bar Restuarant (7)

I found a picture of this scary looking Pirate which has a Skull on his hat. Maybe it is a reference to the Jolly Roger Flag which so many children these days think it is cool to display on their T-Shirt or Baseball Hat.

Antalya King Bar Restuarant (10)

I thought this woven mini-rug displaying the owner Levent’s name on it was very cool. I wonder how long it has been sitting up there.

Antalya King Bar Restuarant (11)

You can check out the other artefacts in the slideshow below.

At about 6.30pm someone showed up with a key to the main bar and I located my charger. Yipee!

On my way home I popped in to say hello to Dakota for a short while and started charging my phone when I was there. He mentioned that I am always leaving stuff somewhere as I had left my wallet at his place last time I was there. I laughed and said, I don’t leave stuff behind that often, just once in a while.

After I left his house I was just about to get on my bike when I realised that I had left my charger at his place. The very thing I had been waiting on all day! We had a good chuckle about that when I went back to get it and of course, had to take a photo as I realised it would round off the days story nicely.

Dakota and Charger (1)

One day I’ll forget my head, even though it is screwed on. 🙂

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