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I had left my mobile charger in King Bar on Friday Night, so on Sunday afternoon I went into town to collect it but the Bar hadn’t opened by 4pm. I should have checked that before leaving the house obviously. Before taking the elevator down to King Bar I had noticed that there was some kind of celebration or protest going on so instead of going home chargerless, I went to check out the scene.

It turns out that it was for International Women’s Day. I don’t really believe in these ‘special days’ that are officially organised for us as I think we should treat everyone special, every day but it was nice to see so many women enjoying themselves and dressed up in some bright traditional clothing.

I made my way to the front of the crowd to take a couple of snaps of these women saying something in Turkish, which obviously I didn’t understand due to my lack of studying the language, but it was going down well with the crowd.

International Womens Day (14)

I then bumped into my friends Jasmine and Ertuğrul who explained that they were talking about Kurdish rights as well as women’s. I personally don’t get into talking about rights because to do that means that we admit that we have a master, who we must look to for our rights but I’ll not get into that too much here.

International Womens Day (20)

I did say to Eruğrul that if it brings attention to some of the issues that we as people should be facing up to, then that can only be a good thing, especially if people start to really talk about them in an honest manner.

The problem with special days like this though, is that as soon as they are over things generally just go back to the way things were and nothing really changes. Still, it is good to link Pinkies and dance for a while.

International Womens Day (22)

I couldn’t resist getting a selfie with a couple of the ladies who wear both wearing a lovely dress. However, I was a bit disturbed by their use of the V sign. People use these signs like the Devils Horns for Rock’n’Roll without really thinking about where the symbols came from or what they mean, although of course at then end of the day, they are just symbols and it is up to us how we use interpret them as I’m sure these women didn’t intend to give the sign for being violated sexually by the horned God!

International Womens Day (25)

After the speeches the music kicked off with a lady singing and playing a Turkish Bağlama or Saz as it is otherwise known.

International Womens Day (37)

Here are some brief highlights of the scene in general.

As I left the celebrations I noticed this Cow. You put your money into it’s Hide and then Ayran comes out of it’s Udders. Although some may find this to be quite quaint, I thought it was rather distasteful and I didn’t even drink any of the Ayran. On Women’s Day, perhaps we should also spare a thought for female animals rights too although granted this one wasn’t technically alive, unless it was in a state of Cryopreservation.

International Womens Day (6)

I then went back to King Bar to wait until someone arrived with a key so I could get my charger back. While I waited I took some photos of the harbour area which I will post in another blog.

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