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I left Antalya last October and although I kept in contact with my son pretty regularly via Skype, I was missing him dreadfully. I eventually managed to save up enough money to visit him and so headed back here to do just that.

As soon as I got back I began to wonder why the hell I left in the first place. I thought that by going to Scotland that I was going home but after a few days here, I realised that Antalya was where I belonged.

antalya beach (13)

I spent most of my two weeks here with my boy and as he likes to do the 40 minute boat ride from the Harbour I again indulged him in that pleasure. I got us on board for 5TL each so it didn’t break the non-existent bank balance. As per usual, wherever I go I attract the ‘characters’ and ended up the front of the boat with a Chef from a big Hotel in the area, who was making the most of his day off by drinking Efes. He offered me a few swigs, which I gladly accepted. I’m not one to kill the party. 🙂

antalya day out boat (36)

After spotting the name of this parked boat, of course I had to get my boy to take my photo in it. I like to do these little mad things with him as I hope to inspire him to see the world as a magical place, as long as you look out for the opportunities for fun, they will appear. I took his photo in it too.

antalya day out boat (58)

One day I met up with Ken Grub, who runs the Turkey Central website. I have been a member of his site for years and we had communicated back and forth but he moved to Antalya after I had left, so this was the first chance we had to meet for a good chat. He is a really cool chap and he sure puts in a lot of work to his site to keep it up to date with important information for mainly expats in Turkey.

antalya trips (9)

After talking to Ken I went to Macha Cafe Bar to hear professional storyteller Judith Liebe and author of Ayşe’s Trail Atulya K Bingham tell some stories with some assistance from a sound healer Yvonne Bartfeld.

antalya trips (10)

While I was there I met Pamela, Trisha, Annelies and Arzu who are all good friends. Trisha asked if I was happy to be back and I said ‘Of course, all my beautiful lady friends are here. I was mad to leave.’

antalya trips (15)

I went out for one evening with another close friend Banu and as we were sitting outside the Road House Bar, my friend Pat and his wife Latife walked past. I had contacted them earlier to meet up but I got sidetracked, so it was a bit of good fortune to bump into them.  That’s what I love about Kaleiçi, you never know who you will meet of an evening.

banu night out (14)

After I took a taxi back to Banu’s apartment and dropping her off, instead of going to where I was staying, I headed to the beach where a group of guys playing a bongo invited me to sit with them for a while.

They even got me to play the Bongo and although I am no expert I think I done enough to impress them suitably. Then I went back to drinking the beer they had offered me, even though they had managed to get some sand in it. Needs must.

banu night out (20)

On another night I met up with my friend Ozge. I had met her a couple of times before, one time being when we went to Karain Caves together. She brought along a German guy who was couchsurfing with her for a while.

On the way to the Harbour to chill,  I met Yilmaz who joined us and we had already met Jasmine in town and she brought some friends also, so it turned into a good little party with an international flavour.

kaleici crowd (2)

I also managed to find the time to pay Susie a couple of visits in her mountain abode. We played some music and chatted for a few hours while the Sun went down.

susie trip (5)

The Photos

Here is a collection of Photos I took over my two weeks back in Antalya.


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