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After taking some photos of the International Women’s Day celebrations I went back to King Bar to get my charger. Here’s the view from the elevator that leads down to King Bar.

Antalya Harbour Scene (4)

As there was still no-one there I took a walk around the harbour. Of course it has been photographed many times but I try to put my time to good use so I took a few snaps anyway. Here are a couple of Fez wearing Ice Cream sellers. If you haven’t been to Turkey before you should really buy one from them, if only for their patter, as most of them are well trained in amusing virgin tourists with their antics. Get one and see!

Antalya Harbour Scene (9)

After the storms last month the harbour doesn’t look quite as crowded as I think a lot of the small boats got destroyed completely. Fortunately a few big ones survived.

Antalya Harbour Scene (11)

You can see the famous Old Town Castle Wall in the background but in the foreground is a Midye seller. You will see these in most tourist locations in Turkey and they cost 50 Kuruş per Mussel. Midye are stuffed Mussels.

Antalya Harbour Scene (12)

Here is someone trying them for the first time.

They don’t bother me that much as I know how to deal with them but one thing about walking around the harbour is slightly annoying are the Guys who own the Boats trying to coerce you into taking a trip.

I have done it a few times over the years and it is a nice way to spend 40 minutes but if you aren’t into it then you have to avoid engaging them as they are quite persuasive. Fortunately this guy was more interested in his mobile phone and his dog was tied up.

Antalya Harbour Scene (14)

There is a new Toy Museum opened up at the Harbour. I was going to visit it to take some photos but thought I’d wait for when I was with my son before going in or else it may have looked a bit weird. 🙂

Antalya Harbour Scene (17)

I noticed it was 6TL entry fee but be sure not to do anything untoward while inside or they may lock you up with these guys.

Antalya Harbour Scene (18)

Just outside the museum is the biggest Paper Boat I’ve ever seen.

Antalya Harbour Scene (20)

Then I went back to King Bar to wait for someone to open it. As you can see there is a bit of queue to use the new elevator.

Antalya Harbour Scene (23)

Eventually someone did let me in to get my charger but I will write about that in my next blog.

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