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Antalya Harbour Boat

Ellen, my son and I had just been with Banu and her husband Rob at a protest march against new rules the government are bringing out to take dogs off the streets.  My son didn’t find this too exciting and he got even more bored after we sat down at a bar to talk about it for an hour afterwards.

Much like a dog, I felt he needed a reward for his good behaviour so I said I’d taken him on one of the Antalya Harbour boat trip rides along the coast that leave from the Harbour and return you back there about 40 minutes later.

The guys who try to get you on their boat all have the same patter that their boat is just about to leave in two minutes and it’s only 10TL per person.  I tried to get the three of us on for 10TL but the best I could manage was 5TL each.  

It came as no surprise when about 20 minutes later the boat finally departed as they try to squeeze as many people on as they can while the rest of us wait patiently for the Turkish two minutes to be up.

It’s not that big a deal really, I just like to joke about it and as for the boat ride itself, well it is enjoyable enough. I’ve done it about 5 or 6 times now so it is no great thrill, unless the water is a bit choppy and then I tend to panic a bit.  

In the past, I even made one boat turn back because the water was rough and the captain wasn’t handing out any life jackets and I didn’t fancy trying to get my wife and son back to dry land if we capsized without them wearing one.

This particular time though was fairly calm and my son enjoyed it, which was the main purpose after all.  

As we werewalking for the bus wesaw the magic pototo peeler man doing his sales patter in the middle off a busy shopping street.  For some reason I love these guys.  They make cutting vegetables look like so much fun.

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