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I went to Dip Bar one night and saw a band called Blues Box of which my friend Hendi was the singer.  He has since departed for Brazil but he did leave his mark on Antalya, leaving lots of friends behind.  I hear he is enjoying Brazil to the max though and no doubt found his way into the local music scene there.

Hendi Interview

I grabbed a hold of Hendi and dragged him outside into the street for a quick interview. 

Hey Joe

Here are some clips I caught of the band. Please excuse the shaky camera work and background singing. They deserve a better camera crew than a drunken Billy but as usual I do my best under difficult circumstances.  ðŸ˜‰

Johnny Be Goode

Judging by the intro the full version of this would have been really good to get on video but I had to switch the camera off so I could give my full focus (or what was left of it) to dancing with the ladies. I am sure you understand.


Although I got a bit sick of this song at the time of it’s release because it was played to death, I really enjoyed hearing it again. Not a typical cover song you hear in Antalya but a good choice and well done all the same.

Redemption Song

Without doubt my favourite Bob Marley song and a lot of other people’s too. My favourite song of the night as well. 🙂

Three Little Birds

I have been to Jamaica twice and both times visited Bob Marleys grave which is located right beside the house he grew up in a place called Nine Miles.  There is a stone there which is painted with the colours of Rastafarianism.

Apparently Bob used to lie there and think of songs and the song in particular that the tour guide (very stoned geezer) said he had wrote there was Three Little Birds.  

Here is a photo of me lying there wearing a Black Crowes T-Shirt who coincidentally enough done a cover version of the song in question. 



Here is the Blues Box version…

You can read a poem I wrote about the night as well as the photos on my Antalya Beer Crew post.


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