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My friend Agnes attended an Art class for a couple of years and they decided to have an exhibition of their work.

Agnes Art (28)

They had a couple of musicians play background music for the first hour or so.

Agnes Art (29)

This is Agnes in front of the stall showing her work.

Agnes Art (37)

This Wine Bottle was decorated with Thistle’s so because we are both Scottish I got a photo of us together with that.

Agnes Art (39)

This was done by another class attendee and as I love Charlie Chaplin it was my favourite work on display. All the work was for sale if you offered an acceptable amount but as I was skint I had to leave them on the table.

Agnes Art (71)

Of course I had to get my picture taken with a few of the ladies. The class teacher is on my right.

Agnes Art (78)

Agnes told me that she loved the class and really learned a lot by going there. Looking around at all the work that was completed I was very impressed also.

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