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Antalya Aquariumofficially opened just over a week ago. Apparently it is one of the worlds biggest and it has the longest tunnel in the world at over 130 metres in length.

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Well, as I’m sure you know, size isn’t everything so what else makes it worth the visit?

Well, first of all children will love it, but then again children love fish tanks in barber shops. There aren’t may sharks in them though so the aquarium does get the ‘wow’ factor in that respect.

antalya, antalyaliving, aquarium, sharks


There are 40 different tanks before you get to the tunnel and there are seahorses, jellyfish, lobsters and starfish in them but I feel that as time goes on they will probably add some more varieties as there weren’t that many that really stuck out as being something special.

There was what was called a ‘Pirate Show’ which consisted of two scuba divers dressed as Pirates waving to the children and posing for photographs which added a bit of fun to the tunnel walk.

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It was 55 TL entry for adults and 42 TL for children and although this is probably a little bit expensive for the average Turkish family, it is probably in line with what you would pay in the other European Aquariums. As is the norm in these type of places the food and drink are also on the expensive side so I suggest eating before you go.

There was also a large gift shop with many different types of aquatic themed toys and trinkets and the site also has a McDonalds and an Ice Cream parlour.


It also had an area called Playland which had lots of arcade games, childrens rides and even a mini-cinema.

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Just outside of that there was an outdoor aquarium in which people will have the opportunity to get in with small sharks and manta rays and feed them.

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I’ve been assured they are harmless so don’t worry about throwing your kids in with them although don’t hold me to that.

The aquarium is open every day of the year from 10am to 10pm. Here are some photos.

Snow World

There is another part of the Aquarium called Snow World. It is great for the children of Antalya as they don’t have the opportunity to experience snow but I bet a few mothers would have kittens at the thought of putting their children inside what is essentially a freezer.

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The temperature is held at a steady minus 5 degrees and after throwing a couple of snowballs a cup of tea was in order, even though it cost 4 TL for a small cup with a tea bag stuck in, it was worth it.

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Rubber rings are provided so you can go down the couple of slides that are there and although I did enjoy going down them, I think they are designed for children under about 12 years of age.

Antalya, antalyaliving, snow world, slides


Snow World cost 18 TL to enter and they provide warm clothing and boots but no gloves, so I suggest bringing your own if you want a good snow ball fight. If you are getting bombarded to death you can always take refuge inside an igloo.

antalya, antalyaliving, snow world, igloo

Snow World Photos


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