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Amesha Spenta

While I was waiting to meet some friends in Kaleiçi I decided to pop along for a chat with Münir, the owner of Mr Blues Bar where I host an open mic night every fortnight. 

However, I forgot that he doesn’t open on Sunday nights but all was not lost as I noticed a band setting up to play beside the Korkut Mosque and so I sat down to listen to them.

It turned out that they were a band from Istanbul known as Amesha Spenta who were in town for a few days doing a few gigs here and there. In fact they had just finished playing in Art Cafe, which is located close by.

They describe their music as being progressive folk, with a mixture of Eastern and Western melodies and rhythms combined with elements of Jazz, Funk and Psychedelic Rock.

They are an instrumental band and it is a pleasure to just sit down for a while and let their sounds take you on a journey. They say “We want people to listen to themselves rather than listen to us. They just provide the background music to allow that to happen”. 

If you watch the videos you will see what they mean.  It is a kind of meditative trippy sound, so settle in for the ride.

Song One

Song Two

Song Three

While there I met Katia, Julie and Brian and also made friends with other people who were watching.  The music provides that kind of relaxed atmosphere for that to occur easily and it was a great setting to listen to them.  

I then went and met my other friends and ended up on a Karaoke stage that night. It was a very musical evening…. well apart from my singing obviously. 😉

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