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My son had 4 tokens for the lunapark left over from our last visit which were burning a hole in his chest of drawers, so he dug them out and off we went to Aktur Park Fairground.

The park was fairly deserted with only a few other people there so I gave my son the camera and posed beside various interesting statues, or in this case, a refuse collector.


You would think that it would be my son that would want his picture taken beside Clowns and Vikings but no, for some reason I feel compelled to get him to take photos of me. I think I never had enough love as a child. Obviously I need help.


For this one we had to go on a ride that was closed and my son wasn’t too keen to do that as the school demands he follows the rules whereas I try to break that conditioning and anyway, the background was too good so I made him do it. I think it was worth the effort.


He is at an awkward age for the Lunapark where the children’s rides are a little bit too small for him and he is not big enough for the adult ones, although we did ask to get on a few they wouldn’t let us, so he used one of his tokens on this Roller Coaster.

Eventually, we did find a ride that was scary enough to get his heart pumping and which they guy said it would be ok if I went on with him and that was The Octopus. I had been on it with him before but I remember it was busy and it built up in speed and only at the end was it fast.

This time, maybe because we were the only ones on it, the guy hit the full speed button right from the start. My son was loving it but I wasn’t too enamoured with it and asked the age old question ‘Why the hell do we do this to ourselves?’ Yep, I am getting old no doubt.

I am thinking of organising an expats day at the Lunapark and have us buy 10 tokens and go on each of the big rides building up to the Rocket for the grand finale, which I must say, does look pretty terrifying.

Maybe my son will be old enough to go on the big rides by the time I get around to organising it though, who knows. In the meantime, I’ll stick to going on the kiddie’s rides with him.

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