Some practical information about living in Turkey:

Residence Permits

If you want to live in Antalya (for longer than 90 days) as an expat, you need to get a residence permit. The only prerequisite for most foreigners are a valid visa and enough money to support yourself. A residence permit does not allow you to work; for that you need a work permit. For Americans, the required amount is 500 dollars per month. There's a different requirement for every country, so check with your consulate. To get your permit,you go to the police station, fill out some forms and hand over your passport. You also need copies of your passport, a copy of your bank statement and two of the same photos of yourself. If all your documents are in order you'll be given a receipt with a date on it for you to pick up your permit.

Work Permits:

Work Permits are arranged by the employer, although it is common for employers to pay part-time workers in cash off the books. You must be a resident for five years before you may apply for a work permit as self-employed.

Buying Property:

Foreign nationals can buy up to 60 hectares of property in Turkey.  It's best to hire a Turkish lawyer to complete the process.

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Motor Vehicle Shipping

We recommend using A1 Auto Transport for shipping any sort of motor vehicle to Turkey.