You can find food, drink, beauty products such as shampoos and sun tan lotions, some household goods, clothes and shoes in most supermarkets. Medicines and vitamin supplements are not sold in the supermarkets in Antalya. A variety of supermarkets chains are available in Antalya as well as some small individual supermarkets. The big chain of supermarkets are as in the following.


A wide selection of goods are on sale in Migros stores such as fresh fruit and vegetables as well as frozen foods, dairy products, meat and fish, canned food, toys, electronic goods such as air conditioners, heaters, computers, cameras, lighting, clothes, shoes, hats, swimwear, home textiles such as towels, and garden furniture during summer months. A wide selection of alcoholic drinks and cigarets can be found in Migros. A range of own-brand products are also offered which are mostly food and cleaning materials.

There are different sizes of Migros supermarkets are available throughout Antalya region (16 in total). There are 8 stores in Antalya city. The largest one is located in the Migros Shopping Mall in Konyaalti region. You find a bakery offering a wide selection of breads, cakes and deserts like Baklavas and a deli section offering fresh salads and mezes here. Also there is a small restaurant offering a selection of dishes from Turkish Cuisine.

There are two more Migros stores in this region; one in Liman and one in Uncali which are smaller stores compared to the one in the mall. The other stores are located in Topcular, Gulluk, Yesilbahce, Kundu, and Laura. Online shopping services are provided by Migros on Migros Sanal Market at It is also possible to do shopping over the phone on 4441044. Home deliveries are made throughout Antalya.


Several Tansaş supermarkets are located in various regions in the city. There are 9 stores in Antalya. There are two in Konyaalti region one in Gursu and one in Arapsuyu. The rest of the stores are located in the following areas; Yesilbahce, Saray, 100.yil, Lara, Tosmur, Kemer and Alanya.
Tansaş is owned by Migros Company. You can find a wide selection of goods at Tansaş stores from fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen food, meat and fish, dairy products, drinks including alcoholic ones, hair and skin care products clothes, shoes, electronic goods and garden furniture in summer months.
They have got fresh fish section as well as a bakery and deli offering salads and mezes. Aselection of wines and beer can be bought in Tansas as well as a large selection of non-alcoholic drinks.


The name of the chain of this supermarket chain means shock in English. Because compared to its sister supermarkets Tansaş and Migros it is much more cheaper. However, the selection of products in these stores are much more limited.

Like Tansas Sok is also owned by Migros Company. There are 52 Sok stores in Antalya. Almost every residential area (semt) has got a Sok store. Unlike Migros and Tansas Sok does not offer a large selection of alcoholic drinks, meat products, clothes and shoes and electronic goods. There is no deli and fresh fish section like in Migros and Tansas.

The range of products such as electronic goods, kitchenware, clothes and shoes and toys change on a monthly basis. Sometimes there are weekly change in the range of these products. Skincare and haircare products are also limited.


The product range is smaller in Bim compared to Migros and Tansas. It is similar to Sok product range. However, fresh fruit and vegetable section is very small in Bim stores compared to Migros, Tansas and Sok. There is no deli and fresh fish section and alcoholic drinks selection like in Migros and Tansas. No clothes, shoes, cigarettes and electrical goods are sold here.

However, some electrical goods such as kettles and toasters, toys, clothes, shoes and soft furnishings arrive on occasional Fridays and these are sold at wholesale prices. These products come in limited number and finishes quickly. Every Friday a small selection of goods are added to increase the variety of the goods in the shop only for that week.

That is, every Friday toys, health and beauty products, clothes, shoes and soft furnishings are added to the selection for the following week. There are different stores of Bim supermarkets all around the city (52).

In Konyaalti region there are sevaral stores; Arapsuyu, Gursu(2), Uncali (2) and Liman (1). In the east end of the town Bim stores are in the following residential areas; Lara, Kundu, Ornekkoy and Guzeloba. In the surrounding areas there are 22 stores. These are in the following areas; Belek, Kadriye, Serik (2), Manavgat (3), Kumluca (2), Korkuteli (2), Kepez, Kemer (2), Demre, Finike, Elmali, Alanya (4) and Kas. Bim provides a narrow selection of goods compared to the other chains of supermarkets but it is the cheapest.


This supermarket is similar to Bim with limited selection of goods with cheaper prices compared to Migros and Tansaş. They sell dairy products, meat, drinks, legumes and pasta, dried fruits, cereals. confectionary, cans and oils, frozen food and ice cream, hair and skin care products, detergents and fresh fruit and vegetables. The fresh fruit and vegetable section is very small like in Bim. There is no fresh fish, alcoholic drinks, and deli section like in Migros and Tansas. Moreover, cigarettes are not sold here.

They have got Spot Days every Thursday when they provide the customers with a new small selection of goods in addition to their usual selection of the goods which only available for the following week. These products come in limited numbers and finish very quickly. They include toys, hair and skincare products, food, kitchenware, soft furnishings, and some electrical goods like kettles. There is one A101 in Konyaalti region of the city which is located in Liman.

A101 is also a big supermarket chain in Turkey. There are about 37 stores in Antalya. These are mostly located in the city (19). In Konyaalti region there are stores in Altinkum, Liman and Uncali (2). In the east end of the town (Lara area) there is one in Guzeloba. In the surrounding areas the stores are located in Alanya (7), Kas, Kemer, Korkuteli, Kumluca, and Manavgat (4).


A wide selection of goods similar to Tansas are offered for sale in 1e1 formerly known as Makro store. In Antalya region there are 20 stores 9 in the city. In Konyaalti region there are 3 stores; one in Arapsuyu and two in Uncali and in the east end of the town there is one in Lara. In the surrounding areas there are a few stores such as in Serik, Kumluca, Alanya (2), Duden and Korkuteli (2).

There is a large Kosmetics section offering a selection of make up products in addition to a selection of hair and skincare products in Arapsuyu (Konyaalti) store. There is a deli section offering ready made mezes, a variety of olives, cheses and pickles.

Also a section for fresh fish is located in the store as well as a section offering a selection of alcoholic drinks. New products are introduced on a weekly basis offering some kitchenare, shoes, soft furnishings, mats, etc.

Carrefour SA

Originally a Eurapean supermarket chain with stores in Antalya as well as throughout Turkey. A wide selection of products are available in the store. There is one in Konyaalti region of the city. It is in Uncali. In the east end of the city one store is located in Lara. There are a few stores in the surrounding areas such as Kemer (2), Manavgat, Sirinyali, and Alanya. The stores in Antalya are smaller ones and they are called CarrefourSA Expres compared to the ones in Istanbul and other cities which are called hypermarkets (hipermarket) and supermarkets.

They have got different discounts and promotions on different selected products every few weeks which are advertised on TV and internet. They offer a discount card called Carrefoursa Plus which can be obtained in the store and allows you to pay discounted (5%) prices on selected products and benefit from promotions.


This supermarket chain only has got stores in western mediterrenean region in Turkey. Genpa is another chain of supermarkets with stores located throughout the city and the surrounding areas (51). In the west cost of the city (Konyaalti region) there are stores in the following areas; Uncali, Hurma, and Gursu. On the east coast of the city there is one in Guzeloba. The rest of the stores are spread around the town as well as in the city.

The following surrounding areas have the store; Belek, Kadriye, Finike, Demre (2), Kas, Side, Alanya (5), Serik, Aksu (4), Manavgat, Gazipasa, Kumluca, Korkuteli and Elmali. A wide variety of products from food to electronic goods are sold in these stores. The store offers discounts and promotion days at some days of the month advertised at the store and on the internet site on


Kipa has a supermarket chain with stores spread to Western Turkey (20 cities) which are owned by British Tesco group. Kipa has stores in Antalya region (7) which are located mainly in the city centre (3). These are Kipa Express (Expres) shops which are smaller than Kipa Hypermarket (Hipermarket) in Dokuma area of the town.

There are other Kipa Express (Expres) stores one in the east coast of the city in Guzeloba/Lara, one in Kepez outside the city. In the surrounding areas there is one Kipa Hypermarket (Hipermarket) in Alanya.

A wide product range is offered by the Kipa Hipermarket in Antalya. In the store, in addition to leading brands of products in Turkey Tesco and Kipa brand goods are also on offer. Kipa has got a product range called Kipa Pazar the cheapest range in the store which is the equivalent of Tesco Value product range in Britain.

These products include food and cleaning materials. It is possible to find a wide range of goods in the store including fresh fruits, frozen food, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, fresh fish, furniture, suitcases and bags, clothes, shoes, garden tools such as lawn mower, home textiles including towels, stationery and elektronik goods such as kettles, toasters, cameras. The store offers a wide selection of meat products including ready made meat balls.

There is s deli section offering foods such as boreks (Turkish pastry). The store offers weekly promotions and discounts which are usually advertised in national papers and TV as well as on the website on


Like Kipa Real is a chain supermartket spread to the western Turkey. In Antalya there is one store located in the city centre. Similar to Kipa a wide range of products are on offer in the store. In addition to TVs, DVD players and HIFIs, white electrical goods such as fridges, washing machines and dishwashers are also sold in the store.

The range of the products varies from fresh fruits to cosmetics. A wide range of meat products, dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and confectioneries are sold in the store. There is a section for babies selling baby food, napies, swings, car seats, etc. Clothes and shoes are also sold in the store. The weekly promotions ad discounts are generally advertised in local papers and on national TV as well as on the website