Chemists (Eczane in Turkish)) are available in every semt (residential area within the region) with a wide selection of medicines, health and beauty products. Most chemists sell beauty products including skin care products such as suntan lotion, hair dyes, hair cleaning and styling products, and nail varnish. It is also possible to find aroma therapy products and some herbal remedies. Some chemists sell baby formula and baby bottles as well as wet wipes.

Many drugs which require prescriptions in other countries are available directly at the eczane. If you run out of a prescription you take on a regular basis, just take the emply packet to the eczane and they will provide you with the Turkish equivalent (the generic of the drug).

Local chemists also sell vitamin supplements and weight loss products. You can get your routine injections done at local chemists as well. The chemists are open early in the morning (8:30-9) till 6 or 7 in the evening. They are open Monday to Saturday and closed on Sundays. However, every Sunday a different chemist (Nöbetçi Eczane) stays open in different regions of the city.

The local chemist announces the name of the chemist which will stay open on the following Sunday during the week. You can also find the details of the open chemist in local papers and national Sunday Papers.