In most of the residential areas (semt) all year around and in holiday resorts during the summer months there are weekly market days with stalls selling a whole range of clothes, leather items, shoes, as well as household items such as kitchenware including pots and pans.

These markets also sell a wide range of mostly locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, dairy products such as homemade butter, a variety of olives and cheeses such as goat's cheese which is hard to find in the supermarkets, and a variety of dried fruits and nuts.

It is advisable to buy fruits, vegetables and flowers from the market because it is cheaper compared to the ones sold in the big supermarket chains. Moreover, more variety can be found in the market. Since most of the goods are locally grown they are fresher in the markets compared to the supermarkets.

Every local market usually has got a farmer's section selling organic fruits, vegetables, eggs, legumes, dried fruits and nuts. In spring, some markets also sell plants and compost. Market is called Pazar in Turkish and almost every residantial area (semt) in Antalya has got a designated an outdoor covered market area which get very busy only on the market day of the week.

In the market most of the food items are sold in Kilos (1000gr) which is roughly equal to more than 2 pounds. Turkish people like to buy their fruits fresh rather than buying them in frozen and in tinned form. They tend to consume less processed food compared to Europeans, that is why you see Turkish people carrying big bags of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in Pazars.

Also in Turkish cuisine they use more vegetables as the main ingredients of the recipes which are always bought fresh from the market. The variety of fresh fruit and vegetables changes according to seasons. Since, locally grown fruits and vegetables are sold in Pazars at different times of the year you find different range of fruits and vegetables in season.

That is why you can not find some fruits such as fresh apricots, grapes, raspberies and cherries in winter markets. In Konyaalti Region, the market day in Liman is on Tuesday, in Altinkum on Friday and in Arapsuyu on Sunday. In the east coast of the city the market day is on Friday in Örnekköy/Lara.

In outdoor markets many of the prices in tourist places are advertised in Euros or US Dollars, but don't forget the tradition is to bargain! It is often a good idea to start around 60% of the price when bargaining and aim to reach an agreement around 80% of the price. If you are aiming to buy larger and more expensive items such as carpets of jewelry, it is a good idea to plan for this as haggling is an art and may take some time.

It is usually advised to bargain if you are buying more than one item of the same goods and also if you are buying more than one kilos of food items.