Local DIY Shops (Nalburs and Elektrikcis): In every residential area there are small DIY stores called Nalbur in Turkish. They sell a wide range of products such as some plumbing products, paints and brushes, toilet seats, mobs and cleaning brushes, waste baskets (bins), nails and screws, garden hoses as well as some DIY hand tools.

Moreover, every residential area usually has got one or two DIY shops (called Elektrikci in Turkish) selling goods used to fix the electric system of the house. These shops offer products such as light bulbs, cables, plugs, extension cables, torches, and electric switches,and fuse boxes.


Tekzen sells household items such as furniture, everything necessary for a garden, decorating/fixing materials such as cement, plaster, paint, brushes, grout, tiles, floor boards, baths, shower rooms, sinks, basins, taps, toilet seats.

Moreover, some electrical goods including cameras, computers, DVD players, TVs, irons, electric blankets as well as some hand tools such as drills, sanding machines, generators can be found in the store. Heating and cooling devices such as air conditioners and heaters are also on sale in the store.

Curtains, blinds and soft funishings and accessories such as mirrors are also available. Organic food such as honey and some pet food as well as toys, sports equipment and car accessories can be found in the store. The department store is on the Antalya-Alanya highway located in Palmiye Alisveris Merkezi, near the Airport.

The opening hours is from 09:00 to 22:00. The store offers online shopping services called e-store on www.tekzen.com.tr. The deliveries usually takes up to 3 days. You can contact customer helpline on 212 6601011 or at info@tekzen.com.tr. between 9-18hrs Monday to Friday 9-13 on Saturdays.


Koctas in Topcular is a very large DIY store. The range of the products offered in the store is not as wide as the one in Tekzen. However, the store provide some valuable services in addition to offering you a wide selection of products such as floor boards, carpets, tiles, paints, lighting, bathrooms, kitchens, all the things necessary for your garden, electronic goods such as air conditioners, heaters, satellite dishes and receivers, and soft furnishings such as curtains and blinds.

Their services includes giving you new ideas to beautify your home by expert staff consisting of architects. They also offer cost-effective solutions to put these ideas into action. Thanks to the architectural projecting and advisory services, you can redesign your home all over or any part of your bathroom or kitchen with several price and installment options.

Department store is open between 08:00 - 22:00 Monday to Sunday.

You can find more details on www.koctas.com.tr.

You can place orders on the phone to do that call Koçtaş Costumer Line at 0212 /0216 444 0 884 . Specify the product to the authorized person who answers the call. Koçtaş representative will tell you the price and shipment cost of the product.