The plain of Demre, which was formed by the alluvial soil carried by Demre river is located at the southeastern end of the Teke peninsula. Demre is today a very popular and interesting tourism centre for daily tourism. The Church of St. Nicholas and many rock tombs are located here.

Today Demre is a centre of greenhouses, and citrus fruits. The remains of the antique city lie in the area called Kocademre located 1 km to the north. Among the ancient ruins are the theatre, the agora , the acropolis, the aqueduct and most importantly, the ancient city of Myra. The Necropolis is still full of Lycian rock tombs, which are unique in the world.

Lycians always put their dead into a sarcophagus placed on a high rocky podium or in the rock tombs carved into the rock face high up on the mountains. The house-type tombs carved into the front façades had one or several chambers. The dead were placed with their most beloved articles like jewellery, clothes and food. Reliefs on the face of the rock tombs shows the professions of the dead.

St. Nicholas Church

St. Nicholas was born in Patara in around 300 A.D. He lived as a bishop in the city of Myra where he died. He was seen as the greatest protector and guard of sailors, merchants, the poor and above all, children.  As St. Claus he became famous all over the world. In Myra, St. Nicholas celebrations take place every year on 6th of December.


Andriake, a harbour town is located at the point where the Demre creek flows into the sea. Its most important remain is the rectangular Granarium. Andriake is the starting port of daily boat tours to Kekova (must see). The Demre Mineral Springs Spa are closed to the northwest of the beach where yopu could find touristic fish restaurants as well.


The ancient city of Simena, which has a fortress surrounding its acropolis, is located on the peninsula right across the island of Kekova.  The history of the Simena dates back to around 3000 B.C.  Among the ruins of Simena is the small fishing village of (renamed Demre in 2005). The village of Üçagizz is located in a distance of 19 km from Demre–Kaş highway. Boat tours are organized to here from Demre/Andirake and Kaş. Many fish restaurants along the shore serve to boat and yacht tourists.