The resort of Belek is made up of two small villages: Kadriye and Belek. A kilometer or so from the coast is a road (approx 8 kilometers long) connecting the two places. Most property for sale is located just off the road between the two centres.

Kadriye is located about 30 km from Antalya – a 20 minute drive or so from the airport. It is about 3-4 kms from the coast. It is a village located on a flat coastal plain amidst agriculture and scattered farms. The village consists of about 5 main streets lined with restaurants, cafes, exchange offices and restaurants.

Kadriye prepares for the holiday season by planting palm trees, making small parks, and resurfacing pavements. In the middle of the village is small clock tower, and on Tuesdays there is a market there.

Located about 8 kilometers further along the coast in an eastward direction is Belek. Belek is larger than Kadriye with a greater variety of shops, restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, and an Internet café.

In the centre of the town there is a man-made waterfall and a small new amphitheatre located next to the village's main mosque. In the summer there is a market on Sundays.

Along the coastline there are white sandy beaches with many eateries and small bars. Showers are also available on the beach. Many of the hotels have their own beach facilities including parasols, sun loungers, and water sports for hire. Beaches are for public use in Turkey and so these beach areas do not actually belong to the hotels. The public beaches have gardens and car parking facilities.

The Kadriye municipality also provides a a free tractor/trailer service that goes along the Kadriye/Belek beach road, until the Kadriye/Belek border from the villas and apartments to the beach. The service leaves approximately on the hour from the Kadriye/Belek border and arrives at the beach around 1/2 past the hour. The service departs from the beach at about 1/4 to the hour.

Along the Kadriye-Belek road is a new religious centre with a church, synagogue and mosque. This 'Garden of Religions' is being promoted as a centre of religious freedom and tolerance. You can wander around the centre free of charge. During the summer months services are offered in the places of worship.

More than 100 rare birds have their breeding grounds here in the nature park Belek. The vegetation includes approximately 230 plants from which 30 plants are to be found only in the Belek region.


With several golf courses of international standard Belek has become one of the top places in Europe for golfing holidays. Belek was the place of several European senior Tour Championships. Golf courses designed beautifully, a spectacular landscape, modern hotels of high category combines with ideal weather conditions and an environment richly of history - those ones are the components a golf vacation in Belek. Read more about Golf in Belek.

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