Düden Waterfalls are a group of waterfalls in the city of Antalya, Turkey. The waterfall formed by the Düden River (one of the major rivers in southern Anatolia) is located 12 km north-east of Antalya; which ends where the limpid waters of the Lower Düden Falls drop off a rocky cliff directly into the Mediterranean sea in a dazzling show.

Video of Düden Waterfall

The Kursunlu (Turkish: Kurşunlu)is a waterfall which is reduced to a mere trickle in the summer months. It is located 19 km from Antalya at the end of a 7 km road branching off to the north of the Antalya-Serik-Alanya highway at a point 12 km from Antalya. The waterfall is on one of the tributaries of the Aksu River and its situation in the midst of a pine forest is of quite exceptional beauty. The countryside around the water forms a lovely picnic and pleasure spot only twenty minutes from the centre of the city of Antalya.