Turkey is famous for its Hamamlar (Turkish baths) so why not visit one while you are here in Antalya . The Turkish bath is a tradition that dates back to the Roman times, and was perfected during the Ottoman times. In Islamic culture cleanliness is of utmost importance however, Turkish baths also became a place where people could meet and socialise.

Today Turkish baths are still popular as places where people can relax and take part in the traditional rituals associated with the baths. On entering a bath you will be given a red checked towel known as a ‘peştemal' and often plastic shoes to wear.

On entering the hamam, you will find a large room with a fountain in the middle usually surrounded by changing rooms. The ‘hararet' is an area of hot steamy baths. In the centre of the hararet are heated marble slabs known as ‘gübek taşı'. You lie on the marble slabs and you will be given a massage with a rough cloth to remove all your dead skin.

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