The Coastline

The magnificent coastline we have inherited from the Karians, Dorians and Lycians, is over 700 miles. Starting with the ancient town of Halicarnassus, today's Bodrum, the coastline offers a number of bays and historical sites like Cleopatra Island, English Harbour and Dorian city of Knidos (for which Praxiteles created his masterpiece, the Aphrodite statue).

Many yachtsmen, delighted by the gentle, regular meltemi breeze, sail further south and reach Marmaris town, the so called "pearl" of Turkish coast. The picturesque coastline stretches itself further south to reach the Gulf of Fethiye and just located in midway between Fethiye and Marmaris are the amazing Kaunos City and the turtle beach of Dalyan. Once in the Gulf of Fethiye you will find a hiding place just for yourself in one of the countless bays, as once did Cleopatra and Antonius. The charming towns of Gocek and Fethiye, and the famous tomb of Amyntas serve as the sign of things to come on your southeastwards course.

An ancient Lycian port and Byzantine settlement called Gei-niler Island and the old Greek ghost town of Karakoy will be on your port side while sailing from Fethiye to well known Dead sea "Oludeniz". From there on, the typical coastal towns Kalkan and Kas will be offering many treasures of history and nature.

Ancient Lycian cities like Letoon, Xanthos, Pmara and Patara. You will find Kekova, another important Lycian territory, on your way from Kas to Finike, the leading citrus producer of Turkey . Here, in an area of 6 miles radius you can visit ancient cities like Aperlae, Simena and Myra, you can take a look at St. Nicholas Church at Demre or you may simply choose to relax in one of the secluded bays of Kekova.

From Finike to Antalya, the coastline is well decorated with numbers of bays which all provide good shelter, pine forests and various antiquity like the eternal flame of Olympos and the fascinating city of Hiaselis.

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The Gulets

The singular design of the gullets, Turkey's indigenous sea-going vessel, blends practicality and tradition in a relaxed style that embodies a Blue Voyage. Over the years gullets have evolved from traditional crafts for fishing and transport into their present profile with a broad beam and wide deck. Constructed mainly in shipyards in Bodrum, Bozburun, Marmaris and Istanbul, and along the Black Sea Coast, the boats are equipped with motors as well as fully functional rigging. The number of passengers a gullet carries depends on the boat's size, although most of them accommodate between eight and twelve people.

These vessels offer their passengers separate accommodations, and chartering one includes services and entertainment. Modern gullets are comfortably equipped with all of the amenities of home and encourage an environment in which you are expected to do nothing but enjoy yourself. The closeness of the small group of people on board promotes an atmosphere of friendship and sharing; relations among passengers and crew tend to be relaxed and casual.

Travel agencies can arrange charters and fixed tours for a specific group of people or for you individually. Unlike cruises on large ocean liners, on a gullet you can explore the secluded and often deserted bays and coves of the coastline. The small harbors and settlements offer an intimate view of coastal life which large ships cannot replicate authentically. In many ways a gullet is like a full-service hotel where every room has a sea view and the scenery changes constantly.

The form of the gulet has been moulded with tradition and 20th century classic naval architecture. The name derives from the French goelette meaning schooner, but today's boats are usually rigged as ketches. Lengths of these boats vary from 19 m to 50 m. There is a forward deck, ideal for sunning and at the rear a generous afterdeck. Below decks, the accommodations are comfortable. There are four to six cabins with double beds and en suite WC' s and shower. The beauty of the "Gulet" lies not in its shape nor in its speed (10 knots at best), but in the leisured freedom it grants.

Life On Board

Good sailing, good food, and friendly company surrounded by nature in a serene atmosphere - that is what chartered sailing is all about. A sailing holiday aboard a gulet appeals to all age groups. It can be as relaxing or as energetic an experience as desired. You may leave everything to the skipper and crew or choose to join in the running of the boat. You may do your own shopping for meals if you prefer. The crew will still cook for you unless you wish to prepare a special dish for your party. One day you may decide to read a book while sipping a drink and sunning on deck.

A more active day may include windsurfing, fishing or when the yacht is at anchor in a beautiful cove, hiking in the woods or swimming and snorkeling amid schools of fish and ancient underwater ruins. While docked you may wish to spend the morning touring a nearby ancient city or have a special shore evening in town or in a Turkish village.

The Crew

There's no need for you to be an experienced yachtsman. Your captain and crew are experienced seafarers, usually local Turkish people, who know the cruising grounds in and out and will share their knowledge, skill and local lore with you. In addition to running the sails safely and according to the itinerary you have chosen, they are prepared to assist and pamper you in every way, from suggesting suitable anchorages and arranging shore excursions to serving you cocktails and three delicious meals a day. You are in charge of choosing the dream voyage you desire for your party!